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What Types of Documents Required for Apparel Buyer?

Documentation for Apparel Buyer:
Apparel or clothing manufacturing factory has to prepare some important documents for the foreign apparel buyers. Foreign buyer has to ask to show these documents as the variations of factory facilities, working environment, working methods etc. Without these documents apparel or clothing factory may fall under apparel export order order cancellation. 

Documentation for apparel buyer
Fig: Documentation for apparel buyer
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List of Documents Should Prepare for Apparel Buyer:

Factory Information’s:

  1. Make sure the all types of license are ready or not.
  2. Daily temperature check record- Should be prepared this file regularly
  3. Sub supplier technical audit report- Should be prepared in every four months,
  4. Bolt certificate- Have to prepare in every year,
  5. Internal technical audit- Should be prepared in every four months
  6. Security policy file,
  7. Health checkup for the workers- should be prepared in every four months
  8. Have to ready all the files of buyer.
  9. Factory profile,
  10. Audit schedule,
  11. Machine list- It should be updated time to time,
  12. Fire safety training module,
  13. Injury root cause,
  14. Health & safety manual,
  15. Group insurance list- It should be prepared I every two months,
  16. Internal fire safety audit- Should be prepared in every month,
  17. Internal social compliance audit report- Should be made in every month,
  18. Metal contaminate apparel disposal record- It should be prepared in every four months,
  19. Sub supplier audit report for social compliance- It should be made in every four months,
  20. Risk analysis- Should be prepare in every month,
  21. Wastage disposal record- It should be prepared in every 15 days,
  22. Lighting check report- It should be made in every month,
  23. Reject accessories disposal- Should be prepared in every six months,
  24. Calibration certificate,
  25. Maternity risk analysis- Should be prepared in every month,
  26. Investigation record,
  27. Certificates from buyer like H&M, Tesco, VF Asia, American Eagle etc.
Fire Safety:
  1. Fire Drill- Should be prepared in every month,
  2. Fire fighter list with guide book,
  3. Internal fire training- Should be prepared in every month,
  4. Fire extinguisher inspection check record,
  5. Fire training certificate by Bangladesh fire service & civil defense with application,
  6. Fire alarm, smoke detector, emergency light and exit light check record,
  7. Daily fire reserve water tank checking record,
  8. Daily fire training record for new workers.
Building Related Documents:
  1. Building plan,
  2. Structural design,
  3. Layout plan,
  4. Application for occupancy certificate,
  5. Construction certificate from local authority,
  6. Soil test report,
  7. Application the BGMEA consider for fire requirement,
  8. Construction certificate from Engineer,
  9. Application for building approval from Razuk.