Types of Sewing Stitches | Types of Seams in Apparel | Stitching Process Flow Chart

Types of Seams and Stitches in Apparel Sector:
Stitching is the process of attaching together two or more apparel parts by applying stitches with sewing thread. The main two components of stitching are the seam and the stitch. Seam is referred as how the two ends of the fabrics which are to be sewn together are placed together.  

Seam types in apparel
Fig: Seam types in apparel
The stitch is referred as how the seam is sewn together with the help of sewing thread. There are various types of sewing machines such as single needle lock stitch, over-lock, flat lock, button sewing & holing, bar tacking etc. are available to impart required stitches in the apparel.

Classification of Seams in Apparel Manufacturing Industry:
Selection of proper seam is an important factor for sewing of apparel. There are different types of seam used in apparel. Those are listed in the below:
    1. Seam Class- 01: Super imposed seam,
    2. Seam Class- 02: Lapped seam,
    3. Seam Class-03: Bound seam,
    4. Seam Class-04: Flat seam,
    5. Seam Class-05: Decorative seam,
    6. Seam Class-06: Edge neatening seam,
    7. Seam Class-07: Applied seam,
    8. Seam Class-08: Enclosed seam.
      Stitch Types and Their Classification in Apparel Industry:
      Types of stitches sewing machine in apparel sector includes the following:
      1. Chain Stitch: Class-100,
      2. Hand Stitch: Class-200,
      3. Lock Stitch: Class-300,
      4. Multi Thread Stitch: Class-400,
      5. Over Edge Stitch: Class-500,
      6. Covering Chain Stitch: Class-600.
      Process of Stitching Clothes in Apparel Industry:
      The process sequence in stitching process involves two things where one is process sequence for the particular apparel and the other one is process sequence as per the operation. Both sequence have presented in the below: 
      You may follow:

      Stitching Process Flow Chart for Particular Apparel:

      Shoulder joining

      Sleeve joining

      Sleeve hem

      Side seam

      Bottom hem

      Neck attachment

      Stitching Process Sequence as Per the Operation:

      Pick up the parts

      Assembling the parts



      Place it back