What is the Meaning of SMV? | SMV of Different Apparel

What is Standard Time in Industrial Engineering?
From the view of industrial engineering, standard time is the time which is required by an average skilled sewing operator, working at a normal pace to complete a specified task by using a prescribed process or method.

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Factors of Standard Minute Value (SMV) in Apparel Industry:
Standard time of apparels depends upon a good number of factors. Those are listed in the following:
  1. Types of apparel,
  2. Types of fabrics,
  3. Size of apparel,
  4. Design of the apparel,
  5. Difficulty of the processes,
  6. Types of machinery and technology used,
  7. Use of work aids, folder, attachment etc.
All the above factors have explained in the below:

1. Types of apparel:
Types of apparel greatly influence standard time. Different categories of apparel have specific range of standard time. Shirt, pant, brief, panty, jackets have certain range of standard time.

2. Types of fabrics:
There are a versatile range of fabrics. Some are very fine, slippery such as silk. Others are cotton made, thick & rugged. Some fabrics promote sewing and others are sew-able with difficulty. Thus they affect standard time.

3. Size of apparel:
Big apparel reasonably takes more time than small apparel. So, size of apparel influence on standard time.

4. Design of apparel:
Designs of apparel make them easy or difficult in respect of processing. Thus they affect on standard time.

5. Difficulty of the processes:
Difficulty processes take more time and effort to accomplish them.

6. Types of machinery and technology used:
High performance machinery & right technology reduces standard time. You may cut & fold label manually & it will take a lot of time. An automatic label cutting machine makes the work damned easy.

7. Use of work aids, folder, attachment etc.:
Look at the bottom-rolling process of a shirt. the folder makes the job easy & fast an also ensures right quality.

Standard Allowed Minute or SAM Value of Different Apparel:

Fig: Standard allowed minutes for different garments