Automation in Apparel Manufacturing Process | List of Sewing Automation Equipment in Apparel Industry

Work Aids, Folders and Attachments for Industrial Sewing Machines:
Imagine bottom rolling of dress shirt. Without a bottom rolling folder or a bottom rolling pressure foot, the job becomes strenuous, difficult and time consuming. Or imagine, elastic tape attaching process of a panty. Without a right attachment, the job is an exhausting one. These work aids not only improve textile and apparel productivity to a large extent but also make substantial value addition in terms of quality. 

Automatic pocket sewing machine
Fig: Automatic pocket sewing machine
Another type of work aids is a thread trimming tool. Most of the modern sewing machineries are equipped with automatic thread trimming technology. They also add to productivity of machinery and labor. Minute or very small processes like tacking, label sewing or label attaching, taking up to 7” seconds must be performed with machineries equipped with automatic thread trimmer. 

Automation in Clothing Manufacturing Process:

Efforts should be diverted to mechanize or automate all the manual works. For example, collar point cutting, collar or cuff turning, collar or cuff forming, collar bottom cutting, label cutting & creasing etc. are generally manual processes. 

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Most of the folding & creasing works also come under manual job in conventional thinking. For instance, pocket folding & creasing, sleeve placket folding & creasing in dress shirt are done manually. All these manual jobs should be mechanized or automated. 

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Manual works not only take more time, they also spoil the apparel, make them dirty and sometimes convert them into rejects. Manual works sometimes unnecessarily increase number of working heads and add to production cost. We may enumerate a number of machines and equipment’s, which mechanize or automate manual works. Many clothing manufacturing factories in Bangladesh are in a position to induct them in their production lines. 

What Types of Sewing Automation Equipment Used in Apparel Sector?

There are so many automatic or automated machines used in apparel industry. Those are listed in the below:

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  1. Automatic pocket creasing machine,
  2. Automatic sleeve placket creasing machine,
  3. Automatic label cutting & creasing machine,
  4. Automatic poly bagging machine,
  5. Collar point cutting & turning machine,
  6. Collar & cuff forming press,
  7. Automatic workstation for collar or cuff run stitching or top stitching,
  8. 1-needle lock stitch machine with automatic thread trimmer,
  9. 1-needle lock stitch machine equipped with program control & automatic thread trimmer,
  10. Automatic cycle machines for attaching velcros in jackets,
  11. Micro computer controlled button holing machine,
  12. Button sewing machine with automatic button feeder,
  13. Micro computer controlled bar tacking machine. 
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