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Types of Marker Making Method in Clothing Industry

What is Marker in Apparel Industry?
A marker is a thin paper which contains all necessary pattern pieces for all sizes for a particular style of garments in such a way that the fabric wastage or clothing waste would be least.

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Constraints of Marker Making:
The work of the marker planner is subjected to a number of constraints. These are related with

A. The Nature of the Desired Result in the Finished Garments:
Those points are mentioned in the following:
  • Pattern alignment in relation to the gain of the fabric,   
  • Symmetry or asymmetry,
  • The design characteristics of the finished garments.
B. The requirements of quality in cutting.
C. The requirements of production planning.

Methods of Marker Making in Clothing Industry:
There are mainly two types of marker making followed in the clothing manufacturing industry. Such as-

1. Manual Method,
2. Computer Method.

All the above two methods have discussed in the below:

1. Manual Method of Marker Making:
Manual methods of marker making are two types. Like as-

a. Marker Planning with Full Size in a Full-Size Pattern:
In this process, all the patterns are in full dimension according to the standard measurement. Hard papers are placed on paper or fabric and then all patterns are rounded to reduce the marker length. The top of the table on which marker making are fixed or fitting and the fitting table top are placed in various angle. The arrangement of vacuum system under table top which is suitable for the table cloth. 

Manual marker making method
Fig: Manual marker making method
b. Marker with Minimized Pattern:
Full-size patterns are minimized 1/5 part by a panto-graph and minimized patterns made by are the plastic sheet or hard and coarser. The marker is planned by the minimized pattern. After marker making, the marker is taken a snap by the camera. Then the marker efficiency is measured by the marker area and pattern area. Marker photograph and minimized pattern are stored.

2. Computerized Method Marker Making:
This is the best method and it gives the higher marker efficiency. It is also of two types. Such as-

a. Automatic Marker Making:
In case of automatic marker making, the computer makes the marker itself. According to given commands, the computer can make a marker. In this method, the most efficient marker can be got but it takes more time as the computer makes a marker with the help of permutation and combination. 

Computerized marker making method
Fig: Computerized marker making method
b. Interactive Marker Making:
It is a common process of marker making. The operator plans a marker by interacting directly with the system through a computer screen. All the pattern pieces are displayed in a miniature of the screen. In this method, data per, and tablet used for transferring of the patterns.

Advantage of Manual Method Marker Making:
Some key advantages of manual method marker making are-  
  • It is suitable for small production.
  • Investment cost is low.
Disadvantage of Manual Method Marker Making:
Major disadvantages of manual method marker making are-
  • More time is required.
  • Higher labor cost.